play boy looking at the sunset
The Nature Conservancy
Nature Is The Solution

My heart is with The Nature Conservancy. I’ve been on their Leadership Council for years and help however I can, which often means bringing their story to life. In the midst of the worse California wildfires in history, we shot their Anthem film in the Sierras; certain areas we couldn’t even reach due to the extreme weather. It was surreal, timely and poignant. Then, Ewan McGregor came along and offered to narrate, and something about his voice brought that extra bit of soul the film needed.

play Indian woman looking worried
Not Alone

As with the HP “Handwriting” spot, this story was about quiet emotion. Our mantra was about tapping into that global feeling so many of us experienced just out of college: moving to a big city on your own and feeling overwhelmed. Shooting in India was an amazing and crazy experience, and couldn’t have done it without the BBDO SF team.

play man talking

This campaign was about one thing: love. We listened to hundreds of stories about love and how a piece of jewelry can profoundly connect us to one another. All of the real people we encountered were extraordinary, and in particular Gabriel’s vulnerability was an interview I won’t forget. We wanted the simplicity of the photography to match his raw and pure emotion.

play Buick car on coastal road
Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies is just about one of my favorite shows (like, ever), so I couldn’t believe it when this clever project came my way. From shooting in Big Sur to studying BLL’s very specific tone, it was a favorite job of the year.

play child

A simple story about bringing joy to children.

play prison inmate
On Meaning

Living with purpose and meaning is fundamental to our happiness. Where does one find meaning? This question has led me to travel the world in search of people who find purpose and meaning in extraordinary circumstances and everyday life.

play car with headlights on at night

This one took a village:  driverless car that’s not really driverless, shooting throughout a rainy winter New York night and non-union casting of just the right teen son. Loved every second of it.

play village in India
1.3 Billion Dreams

Over the course of the past two years Cisco has built 200,000 cell towers throughout India. This has totally empowered Indian women who previously didn’t have much access to the internet . So, Ogilvy and I headed to India to tell the story of two women, Pabiben and Radhika, who’s lives were forever changed. Meeting and telling their stories, and once again immersing myself in India, was a magical experience.

play hills with hot air balloon in the background

As with the Ford “Hug” spot, we were looking for a story with profound depth and heart. I will forever love that Vicky kept such a magical metaphor within her for so many years, and that we were able to make her wish come true.

play man wearing virtual reality goggles

This story took some thought - clearly connecting the Fans and yet keeping them goofy and real. Couldn’t have done it without Keith Ross, CD extraordinaire.

play woman working

This was just such a heartfelt concept, and based on one of the BBDO creative’s real story. Every part of developing this was about quiet emotion and staying close to the true story. From tracking down old 1980’s loops to recreating real kodak slides based on the actors’ childhood photos.

play young woman proposing with ring
Amazing Moments: Louisa and Rob

The moment I spoke with Ogilvy UK I loved their concept. Then the challenge was finding a couple with a great back story. The first time I spoke with Louisa, I knew the casting was done. No one could make a story like this up.
Everything in this spot is 100% real.

play woman looking in mirror at store
Special K
More Than a Number

The gang over at Leo Burnett wanted to get to the core of women's body issues.
By using hidden cameras and a clever concept, we went there.

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There is a Gap

Humana's brand campaign, about our connection to one another.

play man with grey hair at waterfron boardwalk
The Bronzer

A short film about a traveling salesman. Stu is one of the most eccentric characters I've ever met.
The Bronzer ended up being a Vimeo Staff Pick and a hit on the festival circuit.

play Navy F-14 fighter jet taking off into the sunset
Speed & Angels

An award winning feature documentary about two Navy fighter pilots. This film took four years to make, many (many) days of living on a variety of Navy bases and carriers. It screened at The Smithsonian, festivals throughout the country, Discovery Channel and was Hulu’s #1 documentary. Oh, and yes,
we shot all of the aerial footage, no stock photography or CG.